About Us

Company History

As with most great enterprises, our beginning was modest. Established since 1980, Haeuei Enterprise has been in the window films industry for over a quarter century.

Today, as one of the pioneer in the Asia-Pacific market; few companies are as closely identified with the history and development of industry in Asia as Haeuei Enterprise.


IWFA Accredited Specialists

By the end of 2005, we have achieved the following accreditations from IWFA:

• Automotive Film Specialist
• Safety & Security Film Specialist
• Solar Control Specialist
• Advanced Solar Control Specialist


  Group 25th Anniversary Commemorative Inscription

We worked from a small window film installer for architectural use. In the beginning, every member of the family was engaged in some kind of work to ensure the sustainability of our income. Then our business scaled greater heights with the exceptional contributions of several long-serving staff in areas of technical and administration support that created a strong foundation for successors.

Being a small outfit, we lacked the financial strength and our humble beginning relied on a business model based on integrity, honesty and trust that won the friendship from our suppliers and customers. We pledge that we will remain committed to our suppliers and customers who stood along with us. The last few years have been challenging and I have all my business associates to thank for being patient with us. I would also wish to express my gratitude to our fellow colleagues for their tireless effort. We hope they will enjoy a better living standard being employees of our company.

I would like to thank our friends for their continued support.

Poon Teo Kim
Group Chairman