DESIGN YOUR TINT: Window Films Customization Request Form

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Automotive – Intended usage on cars
Architectural – Intended usage on home and offices
Safety – Thicker films to limit impact from shattered glass

Visible Light Transmission Range: % to %
Percentage of visible light that passes through the window film.
A film with lower VLT will block more light from entering through glass.

A highly reflective film will be more effective in controlling glare and reducing heat.

Heat Reduction:
The heat reduction capability of the window film is an important cost-component in the manufacturing process of the window film.

Required Fading Durability:
Please indicate the expected fading durability of the film.

Target Price: US$ to US$ per roll (5ft x 100ft)
Please indicate the target price, based on roll size 5ft x 100ft (1.52m x 30.5m)

Estimate Quantity Required: rolls (5ft x 100ft)
Please indicate the quantity required, based on roll size 5ft x 100ft (1.52m x 30.5m)


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